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About Becoming a Driver, Questions & Answers

Should i become a driver ?

Provided you understand what is involved then it is an easy decision to make, does it fit with what you want to do or not as the case may be.

Does gaining a Private hire license require much work ?

It requires basic study which we provide full support for our driver applicants at each stage. Providing study aids and support as needed.

How Long will it take me to gain my license ?

Our best estimate is that it would require between 15-21 hours study, which needs to be separated into 3 hour sessions separated by at least 2-3 days apart.

How Much will i be paid ?

The Pay is as an employed person which is currently at £12.00 per hour on 40 hour basis with overtime rates from £13.20 per hour.

What are the Minimum or Maximum hours i can work ?

We do require a minimum of 30 hours up to a maximum of 50 hours including overtime per week.

How many days a week are shifts arranged over ?

Work is on a 5 days over 7 days to be arranged to best suit the company requirements combined with the needs of the driver.

If i need to change my shift patterns can that be arranged ?

Yes this can easily be arranged. We always work with the driver’s personal situation as being paramount to working well together.

Are the shifts changeable ?

First we work out what suits you and us best, then we set a Rota, which whilst being subject to change mainly stays the same.

Most Taxi and Private Hire jobs are Self Employed, would i be Self Employed with Canterbury Taxis ?

No ! you would be fully employed. Unlike any Company in the South East, we are the only company that provides proper employment as a private hire or cab driver. Therefore, this position attracts 28 Holiday pay in addition to a company pension scheme and SSP. We do not run bogus self employment schemes like the majority of local companies for example giving you a percentage of income but then not paying you holiday pay or pension or ssp.

I am definitely interested in applying and want to know what to do next ?

Just click on the link below or here to make your application

The application process can be divided into 3 different areas for clear distinction:

1 Apply and Pass Private Hire License Click Here to apply

Once applied we will be in contact to make sure you have everything you need to pass your test.

2 Commit to memory the main geographical structure of the Licensing area, E.G. arterial routes with points of interest.

We will help you set out a structured path so when you pass your license you will be fully confident on what you are doing.

3 Understand in practice what is required to meet the basic standard of a professional driver position as a private hire.

Once an initial application has been made, Canterbury Taxis have pre prepared pdf guides to help get to license level. The whole process can be completed within 4 Weeks easily pending any Disclosure and Barring check that may be needed.

About Becoming a Controller, Questions & Answers

What is the main function of the controller?

The main duties of this position would be to take customer booking details including location data.

What do i have to know to do this job ?

You must have a solid geographical understanding is Essential of the local area. You would use our custom booking system to implement, then dispatch journeys to drivers. This must be done to our specific standards, with a focus on excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Will i be trained and tested prior to employment ?

Yes you will, however The successful candidate will either have a background in transportation, or travel or be qualified with experience in the taxi industry. Training and development would be ongoing as part of the position.

Do i need any typing qualifications?

We would say the position does require office based skills; Typing to OCR/RSA-1 standard or up to 25 works a minute. Knowledge and proficiency in the use of Microsoft word. Although this is not a requirement, the ability to demonstrate a competent typing ability would be required.

Are there any other minimum requirements for this job ?

Professional understanding of computers preferably with a qualification. Further training may be given to the right candidate. Most importantly the candidate should be able to demonstrate their ability to learn and adapt their existing skill set to this position.

What shifts and hours would i be able to choose from ?

With a minimum of 30 hours to a maximum of 40 hours Weekends will be included on 4 or 5 day basis. Candidates will need to be able to work Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays to be arranged on a flexible basis. Shifts will be discussed

Hours by arrangement part or full time.

Salary: £12.00-£13.20 per hour Based on Experience.