Booking Assistance

Welcome to our Booking Assistance page.

1.First enter the pick up and drop off location.

If just using a postcode or street the site will show another entry field, asking for the exact building number or name.

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2.If you need to Stop off on the way or ask the driver to wait then please click Add Stop off.

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3. Once completed Click Get Quote..this shows the Date, Time & Passenger amount (dropdown up to 6 per taxi maximum)

















4.Calculate Price will show your Quote instantly


5.Choose to Pay for your Quotation or Save it for later.


6.To save the Quote for later simply Enter a mobile number then press Text Quote, or Enter email and press Email Quote.



7.When you press Pay for Booking, it will promt you to enter your card details.

8.When payment is successful we send an instant confirmation Text or Email.


9. Register an Account with us you will be able to view and Rebook any journeys you have previously made.


10.Once Logged in you can click the Rebook buttonfor any paid or business account bookings.


11. A Date, Time & Passenger screen appears again you can charge the new booking to your account to confirm.



12.This function will also populate the predefined details from your previous booking.


Should you experience Any problems please get in touch on 01227 444444

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